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The Centre for Environomic Synergy established the E.N/F to provide a venue for discussion and dialogue concerning some of the most pressing challenges facing humankind. Topics of interest will include not just warnings of risk and danger, but also the potential solutions to our problems, and the approaches that are appropriate if we are to implement them with comprehensive effect.

This makes the E.N/F a marketplace not just for ideas and insights, but also for products and services (preferably in our 'Virtual Trade Show' sub-forum). As such, issues of science and technology, and skills development and technical training will be of particular interest here. Indeed, this dialogue is essential -- for many reasons -- most of all because we cannot (any of us) survive if the developing world takes the same development pathways that the developed world has. The truth is; though unjust - resources of all kinds are increasingly cost-prohibative, functionally unobtainable or ecologically unsustainable. Land is at a premium and in many places, is purchased by the sea.
Let there be no doubt, we are facing some challenges that will not permit us to turn away for much longer. For this reason, we welcome any and all outbound hyperlinks to bona fide material of genuine interest to our members and readers.

In a world where economic competition is increasingly a lesser challenge than the threats posed by climate change, environmental degradation and resource constraints of all kinds; not to mention unrest and political and economic instability; we need to transcend pure competition to work more collaboratively on our common conundrums. This is the only way we can counter the threats we must face together. It is the only way we can realize a future we can all aspire to: Where nonsensically globalized trade is replaced with 'balanced trade' that is environmentally sustainable, socially responsible and equitably profitable. Only this way, can we find the justice, peace, security and opportunity we all deserve.


By working together, we can find the pathways ahead that will lead us from our unsustainable means and methods, and towards a future that includes and provides for our collective survival and our greater and better-shared prosperity. In pursuit of these objectives, we gather here to share what we think and what we know; and to engage on diverse topics such as (but not limited to)...

    Product Safety & Public Safety             Law Enforcement (esp. the Un/Under-Enforced Laws)
    Education & Training for Progress             'Brownfields' Rejuvenation and Site Remediation
    'Enlightened' Industry             Ending Corruption and Political Violence
    Ethics in Business and Government             Freshwater and Ground Water Preservation
    Food Safety, Security & Sovereignty             Land Use, Land Use Change and Forestry
    Human Capital and Up-Skilling             New Science and Emergent Technology
    Human Health and Welfare             Occupational Health and Workplace Safety
    Mass Transit & Freight Transport             Performance Excellence and Real Quality
    Multi-Lateral Agreements             Recycling, Up-cycling and Down-cycling
    Pollution Control+ Waste Management             Renewable Energy Generation, Storage & Distribution
    Resource Scarcity             Sustainable Agriculture/Aquaculture and Fisheries
    The Efficiency of Industry and Society             Wildlife and Natural Habitat Conservation
    "Big-Ticket" Defense Acquisitions,
       and other Large Public Expenditures
            The Conduct of International Trade and International Affairs

Many other topics are germane here, and members are welcomed to start their own discussion threads, as per our forum rules and guidelines, keeping in mind the interests of our members. Although the E.N/F is based in Canada, and will always maintain a special focus here; to promote the efficiency and adaptability of the Canadian economy, our outlook is global, most definitely. We actively welcome the full participation of interested individuals and organizations from around the world; so that we may all learn from each other as best we can.

To advance this holistic dialogue apace for all involved; we welcome the participation of everyone who wants to join the E.N/F. All participation in the 'Environomy.Net/Forum on Options for Progress' is governed by our Rules and Guidelines to which you agree to be bound, which agreement you signify every time you ENTER the forum.



Things to Know About the E.N/F

To help ensure the E.N/F provides everyone with a workable and worthwhile venue in which to advance their own individual interests, or group interests, as well as the greater good we all share an interest in; there are some conventions we must all agree upon. First is that the E.N/F is administered and participated in by following our written rules and guidelines. These written rules and guidelines are for participants and E.N/F administrators and moderators alike. Any changes to our forum rules and guidelines will be openly discussed in the 'General Discussion Forum' thread entitled 'About the E.N/F Itself'. Furthermore:

  1. Those aged eighteen (18) years of age or older, must sign-up / register using their real name; whereas those aged younger than sixteen (16) years may not register with their real name.

  2. To help us administer the E.N/F (and to ensure you can comply with our rules before you join), you should closely follow the 'New Members / Sign-Up Process' which is explained in our rules and guidelines; and which requires that you start by reading, accepting and agreeing to our rules and guidelines.

  3. Only accounts set-up in accordance with our 'New Members / Sign-Up Process' will be granted posting privileges and be allowed to remain registered at the E.N/F. We routinely 'prune' user accounts from the database that are not properly set-up and registered.

  4. Large parts of the E.N/F are searched by web bots (and unregistered visitors) and are indexed by search engines; including the General Discussion Forum, Virtual Trade Show and Cyber Study Hall (eventually to include member's profiles and the directory, which are not currently 'discoverable'). Anything written in 'discoverable' areas (currently, those three fora) will appear online in search engine results, next to your name or organizations's name. This is unlike most internet discussion fora; which are anonymous. As a result, the quality of discussion can be hit-or-miss elsewhere online; whereas the hope here at the E.N/F is that the added stakes of real-life reputations, will raise the bar to the required height for real-world progress. Post Accordingly!

  5. All participants of the E.N/F mutually and reciprocally agree to behave and perform in accordance with the Creative Commons License that is included in the E.N/F rules and guidelines.

  6. While we will (of course) endeavour to maintain the E.N/F online with a very high degree of uptime and steady availability; neither the Centre for Environomic Synergy nor Synerlux Corporation will be liable for any loss, inconvenience or damage caused by the lack of availability of the E.N/F, which is provided as-is and without any claim, promise or guarantee as to any 'fitness for use', 'suitability for purpose' or continuity of practice or procedure as is or may be established at the E.N/F over time.
    NB: We do routinely backup and restore to a mirrored site. This means if an inbound hyperlink ever 'dies' because this site is temporarilly unavailable, you can find your link on our mirrored site, by changing the ".net" in the URL to a ".info" instead (leaving out quotation marks). This maintenance is reported in the thread 'About the E.N/F Itself'.


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